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Infinity Signs Newsletter March, 2018

Summer Events Personalized

Are you looking to add that something special to an upcoming event?  Consider personalizing decorations at the event, or give away items for guests to take home.  Events such as high school or college graduations, weddings, baby showers and others are once-in-a-lifetime days that should be celebrated to the fullest, and a personal touch can send the message of how special this day is.

For graduation parties this could include banners, yard signs, garden flags, and invitations.  Maybe you want to be that family where everyone is wearing matching shirts or hats to support your graduate, Infinity Signs NW can help you come with something really unique.

For a wedding or baby shower consider personalized candy or snacks.  These could be yummy treats for guests to enjoy during the event or a fun take-home item for them to remember the day.  Weddings are full of opportunities to personalize for the bride and groom.  Everything from Champaign flutes and candles to napkins and tableware can be personalized.  In addition, consider something personal for the bridal party.  Every couple wants to make those special people in their wedding party feel appreciated for all the time and effort they’ve put in to the big day, so how about a handbag for the ladies and personalized golf balls or golf club for the gentlemen.  It sends a message that says more than just thank you for your support but also that their friendship over the years is incredibly valued.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up fast as well.  Mom would love a personalized flower vase, candle, or gardening tool.  Dad might enjoy a watch, BBQ set, knife or lighter with a special message on it just for him.  The opportunities to show those around you how much you care this summer are everywhere and Infinity Signs NW is ready to help you capitalize on them and make them your own.  Check out the monthly specials for additional ideas and valuable cost savings as well.

Community Event Give Away Items

Summer can be a great opportunity to get the word out about your business.  There are a whole variety of outdoor, community events that provide opportunities to meet potential customers and promote your services.  Whether you’re thinking of setting up a booth at a festival or expo this year or handing something out while marching in the Memorial Day or 4th of July parade, what you put in the hands of your customers is a critical decision. Promotional giveaways aren’t free for small businesses so it’s critical that it be a high impact item that will drive customers to spend money with your company.

First, consider the type of event you’ll be attending.  If it’s an outdoor event and the weather is likely to be hot, consider bottles of water or small fans with your logo on them.  If it’s an event with lots of kids in attendance, maybe Frisbees or yo-yos are a better choice.  For some situations, such as marching in a parade, carrying something bulky isn’t practical but smaller items such as tea bags or water flavoring packets are lightweight, can have a company logo on them, and are useful to the consumer.

Second be practical when possible.  Right now items such as reusable grocery bags are very popular so hand out bags that people will use for years.  Other practical items to consider are baseball caps and T-shirts which promote your business everywhere your customers go.

Sometimes simple is still best.  While everyone looks for the newest, coolest item to pass out, sometimes going back to basics is the best choice.  Everyone still carries a pen in their car or purse.  Handing out a traditional ink pen is cost effective, lightweight, and practical for everyone.

Finally, you may want to skip the business cards for outdoor events.  When promoting to the general public at outdoor events, business cards get blown in the wind or dropped and tend to end up all over the ground at the event rather than in the hands of actual potential customers.  Reserve business cards for the times when you have a chance to have a solid conversation with a potential customer.

The Effectiveness of Yard Signs

The summer season is when it starts to become common to see signs up at houses and businesses all over town to promote various services these people have used.  Generally, companies will offer a discount or upgrade of some sort in exchange for the privilege to place their sign in the yard, but how effective is this form of marketing?  There is definitely some evidence to support that, for certain types of businesses, yard signs can be an incredibly good way to promote business offerings.

The psychology behind human behavior has shown that people are highly influenced by the actions of others.  If people believe that many of their neighbors are using a specific lawn care company or flooring company, they’re substantially more likely to utilize that same company.  One great example is lawn treatment companies. It’s common to see one company end up with so much business in a neighborhood that they can have a truck there for the whole day going from house to house taking care of their customer base.  They place the little signs in the yard indicating they’ve been there and that evening the whole neighborhood seems to be covered in them.  As neighbors are out walking their dogs they see these signs and it’s likely if they want this service, they will contact this same company.

Yard signs are also a show of support.  Many people use websites such as because they want to know that other people have used a certain company and have given it positive reviews.  Essentially a yard sign is the same as a positive review or referral for your company.  It lets everyone know that you were there, did the job, and the customer was happy with the results.  This can be extremely valuable for work that’s visible from the street such as new siding, a new roof, landscaping, stone work, etc.  Any prospective customer can see immediately the fantastic work your company has done and they know who to call for their next job.

Infinity Signs NW can help your business design and print your custom lawn and sidewalk signs in time for the upcoming busy season.  Boise is an area of outdoor enthusiasts so get your signs out there for all the walkers, bike riders, and runners to see!



Time for a Refresh?

Periodically everyone needs a change – a new look or a refresh of an existing look.  Maybe it’s time for your business to consider an update to your logo, marketing materials, and signage.  First it’s important to determine your goals before making any changes.  Are you looking for just a refresh or a complete rebrand?

A refresh is something most businesses do at least every 10 years to ensure they continue to appeal to their current market, without losing any of the positive messaging already associated with their brand.  In most cases a refresh involves minor changes to existing branding, such as a change in the color pallet for the logo or the addition of minor stylistic changes.  The intended result in this scenario is for customers to feel that your brand is modern, competitive and up-to-date with current trends, but not to send the message of any major changes to the organization.

Maybe it’s time for a more substantial change if, for example, market conditions have changed or your product offering has had an overhaul.  In this case a full rebranding is in order.  This often means a new logo, a website redesign, updates to marketing materials and even new signage.  A rebranding can be extremely useful if your company has added a completely new product or service which now needs to be conveyed to the customer.  In the case of a rebranding the goal is to let people know that something big has taken place and the company has a new direction.

In either a refresh or a rebranding it’s generally a good idea to contact a professional and get their expert advice as well as their fresh, outside perspective.  This can be helpful in getting an idea of what your customer’s response might be as well.  For many companies their initial logo and branding were the brain child of the owner or founder which can mean a strong emotional connection that is difficult to let ago of, in which case a non-partisan outsider might be the easiest voice to be heard.

Infinity Signs NW offers creative consulting services to help come up with a new look and feel as well as layout and design services to put together the final product into usable marketing materials, business cards, and promotional items.  It’s important to remember that visual identification of customers with your business has a major impact.  Make sure your brand conveys a positive impression of your business to prospective customers.



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