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Infinity Signs Newsletter March, 2019


What are Cabinet Signs?

Throughout the sign industry there are many different names that often refer to the same type of sign.  A cabinet sign, also called a box sign or a wall sign, is a sign that is shaped like a box with an enclosure that contains electrical elements or components that add dimension.  These signs are a great option for businesses in need of a sign that will last for years, and is incredibly accessible.  While these signs can last a long time, they have the added benefit of being highly-customizable.  The panels on the front and back are typically made from acrylic and can be changed as the messaging of your business changes.

For many customers the ability to change the sign text allows them to keep it looking fresh and clean, can keep up with a logo change, and can make it simple to add graphics that are seasonally relevant.  Another great use for these signs is for landlords.  If you own a business complex and need the ability to change the sign’s text based on who the current tenant is, then a cabinet sign is for you.  By keeping the remainder of the sign – the mounting, framing, hardware, and electrical components – you can keep the cost to update the sign down to the bare minimum.

While the name “cabinet sign” may imply a square or rectangle shape, this is not necessarily the only option.  We can make your cabinet sign in any shape you like to let you express the personality of your company.  For most cabinet signs the text and graphics are printed on vinyl and then applied to the face of the acrylic.  This means you can use the full size of the sign to express your messaging while not committing to anything as permanent as a traditional monument sign.     Our design team can help you figure out the best way to maximize use of your sign space.  Should you take advantage of all that space by adding lots of relevant information, or embrace the modern, minimalist look that many seem to prefer?  We’ll help you lay out several options and make the best choice for your business.

A cabinet sign can use LED lights to illuminate your sign 24 hours a day and because of the removable panels, maintenance is a breeze.  These signs can not only be any shape but also any size.  If you need a large street sign – no problem, if you want a smaller storefront cabinet sign – no problem!  Regardless of your marketing needs, a cabinet sign from Infinity Signs NW can get the job done.

Trade Show Signage

For many businesses trade shows are one of their biggest marketing expenses and making sure they get the signage right is critical to ensuring a return on this investment.  There are thousands of details involved with the preparation for a tradeshow and at Infinity Signs NW we understand that designing and ordering your signs is just one of the thousand things on your to do list.  Our team will gather the information we need from you and then handle everything from there.  We can help you move this from a stressful “to do” to a beautifully completed “done”.

As you think about the overall look and feel of your booth there are a variety of different sign options to consider.  Some of the most popular are retractable banners, pop-up displays, table runners, vinyl background walls, and large hanging banners.  One important factor is that these items all look like they go together.  It may be tempting to use your favorite piece or two from last year’s booth and add it in with the new items from this year, but you’ll likely end up with a cluttered booth that has no natural flow to it.  A new set of trade show materials will guarantee that your messaging is consistent throughout the booth, and that your marketing is clear.

Infinity Signs NW has experience in everything from the very large hanging signs that mount above your booth, to the small table top signs.  We’ve done it all and we’re here to help.  It’s important that your booth convey professionalism and promote your brand.  In order to make that happen you’ve got to highlight the features that make your business unique, clearly convey information, catch the attendees eye, and create a lasting impression on the buyer. 

Some of the best options to do all of that include:

Signs & Banners – this might include banner stands, tension fabric displays, table-top signs, retractable banners, ceiling banners, and more.  These items are the perfect place to use vivid graphics to make a powerful statement.  Your company logo and slogan can be perfectly placed throughout the booth by utilizing a variety of these items.

Booth Necessities – think of items such as display systems, back walls, kiosks and counters, and more.  Some of these are just the basic items necessary to properly display your marketing material, but others such as the back walls will determine the entire feel of your booth.

Booth Furniture – this could be a table & chairs, mini-fridge, flooring, television, and much more.  Some of these items, such as the mini-fridge, are marketing opportunities as well if wrapped by the team at Infinity Signs NW.

The design of the marketing materials and signage within your tradeshow booth is one of the most important elements to determining the success of your show, choose a trusted partner with years of experience to work with you to get incredible results.  Infinity Signs NW is that team!

Gas Station Signs

Are you the owner or manager of a local gas station?  If so you know how competitive it is in this industry.  With over 150,000 gas stations throughout the country you’ve got to find ways to stand out above the rest if you’re going to get your share of the market.  So how do you do that?  One really important way is through signage.  Utilizing the best signage in the area will attract customers, convey information, and increase sales. 

Gas stations are unique in that they require a variety of different types of signs to really make an impact on buyers.  First you need good street signs.  You’ve got to let people know where you’re located, what your gas prices are, and maybe a current price on lottery tickets or cigarettes. 

After you’ve got cars at the pump your next goal is to get the customer inside to buy food and other consumable products.  Again signage is key.  Having the best window graphics, banners, flag signs, and more will convey information that can get people to come inside.  You essentially have a captive audience for the 5 or so minutes it takes for your customer to fill their gas tank.  While they’re standing at the pump they’ll likely give a casual look at the front of the gas station.  This is your chance to let them know what the specials are, any incentives you’re currently offering, and products they may attract their interest.  In many cases letting people know about punch cards for a free cup of coffee or a soda is a great way to get them inside.  Or advertising a special on food, windshield washer fluid, or propane can also be enticing for buyers.

After you’ve gotten the customer to come inside you have one last chance to impact their buying decision through the use of powerful signs inside your gas station.  This is your opportunity to get them to go from just that gallon of milk, to also grabbing a snack and a drink.  Small signs advertising special candy bar pricing, or a deal on a soda when purchased with a bag of chips, can be extremely powerful in increasing sales. 

If you’re a gas station owner and you want help getting noticed in the community this summer, give Infinity Signs NW a call.  Summer is the perfect chance to get more people inside with all those vacation travelers, fishing trips, and picnics.  All those people could be your next sale for ice, bait, and sandwiches if you promote your products properly.


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