Refrigerator Wraps: Idaho Vandals

Infinity Signs NW is not your ordinary sign company. We can add a vinyl wrap to just about anything. Here’s an example of a refrigerator wrap for the Idaho Vandals. Perfect for the avid [...]

Truck Wraps: Enriques Taco Truck

Truck wraps allow business owners to promote their business all over town. Where ever they travel, people will see their business information and brand. Let Infinity Signs NW help turn your [...]

Truck Wraps – Caldwell Fire Department

Truck wraps are one of the many types of vehicle wraps done at Infinity Signs. Our graphic design team can develop a partial or full truck wrap or take your design ideas and turn them into a reality.

Supershine Carpet Cleaners

In the carpet cleaning business, the quality of the job is rated by 3 main factors. The experience of the technician, the quality of the cleaning solutions and the ability or quality of the [...]

Suples Fitness Systems

Coach Ivan Ivanov continued to develop equipment for athletes in training, and eventually created the Five Training Systems: Suples Wrestling Dummies, Gladiator Wall, H.I.R.T.S. (High Intensity [...]

Logo design and vehicle wrap

The graphic design team at Infinity Signs can create your unique business logo and then apply it to everything from business cards to exterior and interior office signage. Not sure where to start [...]