Vehicle Wraps

Customizing cars and trucks has never been easier with vehicle wraps. Whether it’s a custom color, creative design, or company logo, Infinity Signs can create and install it on any car or truck without the price and downtime that comes with a custom paint job.

Vehicle wraps are a great way for businesses to get brand exposure while driving around Boise and the Treasure Valley. For business fleets, company cars or trucks, these wraps can be a useful advertising tool as employees drive to their destinations. Check out some of the examples of car, boat and truck wraps in our gallery.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Not ready to cover your entire vehicle in advertising? How about a partial vehicle wrap? Partial wraps can be as simple as a company logo and contact information or images of your products in various locations on the vehicle. You can choose how much or little of the vehicle to cover.
Here are a few of the many types of custom vehicle wraps we can do at Infinity Signs NW:Fire Vehicle Wraps

Car Wraps
Truck and Van wraps
Box Truck wraps
Boat wraps
Trailer wraps
Food truck wraps
Camper/trailer wraps
Motorcycle wraps

If you have a vehicle with open surface area, chances are we can wrap it for you. The graphic design team here at Infinity Signs can help design a custom vehicle wrap for personal or commercial use for your car, boat, truck, trailer, and more.

Materials and Maintenance

Vehicle wraps come in gloss, matte, brushed metal and carbon fiber for a wide range of looks to fit any business need. Maintenance for vehicle wraps is a breeze, and doesn’t require waxing like custom paint. Although hand washing your vehicle wraps is recommended, you can take your vehicle through a brushless car wash too. Bird droppings, insects and other stains can usually be removed by soaking in soapy water. For extra stubborn stains a mixture of one part water with two parts isopropyl alcohol can be used. Be sure to test any type of stain remover mixture in a less visible part of the vehicle before applying freely.

Contact the experts at Infinity Signs to get started on your vehicle wrap today!